Six Worst Errors To Be Made During Essay Writing

Essay writing is an art placed into practice from a young age. Students have been taught the skills to write powerful essays from the stage of primary education. While this may be true, the mannerism in which an essay is written is matured over time. This maturation and the difference in the requirement of the essay becomes the main reason for committing errors.

Students are often expected to write powerful essays at the stage of higher degree education, without being provided with formal, comprehensive instructions to perform the task or without taking assistance from any law essay writing service. The lack of clarity and the difference in the essay writing style causes incongruence between the presented essay and the subject’s requirement.

The commonly made human errors in essay writing are stated below. Students can highlight these errors and take the active initiative to get rid of them:

Not Following the Standard Structure:

The structure of an essay is its backbone. It keeps the paper in shape and becomes the basic feature which supports the quality. Students often miss out on writing an essay which follows the standard structure of essay writing. This error can cost them the grade, as well as, may result in an unimpressive essay.

The standard outline for essay writing includes an introductory paragraph followed by body paragraphs and a conclusion. It is required for the students to brainstorm ideas before writing the essay. Brainstorming can assist in organising and sorting through ideas which can ultimately allow the student to create a paper which is coherent and organised.

With that said, some universities provide students with a custom structure which must be followed. Students can consult with their professors and ask clear instructions on the outline to be used in the essay.

Eliminating References:

The key difference between essay writing during the primary stages and the stage of higher education includes the insertion of references. It is vital for students of higher education to include evidence to support the claim they have made in their arguments. To do this, references are added to offer justification for the included points. At the university level, students are required to insert in-text citation in the essay to provide credible evidence that the reader can go through. It is extremely important to use the referencing style appropriate for a particular field. The most commonly used referencing styles include Chicago, APA, MLA and Turabian. Students can consult their professors to make sure that the style selected is appropriate for their field.

Lack of Coherency:

An essay at the university level must be coherent. It is recommended for students to carry out the brainstorming process before starting the task of essay writing. Once the ideas are written down and researched upon, students can assign them their respective place in the essay. The most crucial and influential evidence should be discussed in the earlier paragraphs, whereas the least impactful ideas should be strategically placed during the end. Students are further required to make sure that the content displayed in the essay is linked with one another. Using transitional statements to create a link between paragraphs is essential. To learn about smooth transitions, students can educate themselves by reading the essays written by professional writers.

Use of Complicated Language:

The stage of higher education demands formal essay writing. Students often perceive the meaning of formal writing to include advanced vocabulary. While it is important for individuals to include formal jargon in the essay, the individual must ensure that the used words fit within the context of the essay. Students often make the common error of using difficult words to embellish the writing. These words do not go along with the writing and thus result in the deduction of the overall grade.

Considering this, students are required to write an essay using the terms they are familiar with. It is better to use words which are simple in contrast to using a heavy vocabulary which does not fit with the context. The essay aims to inform the reader. Thus simplistic sentence structure should be used elegantly.

Presence of Grammatical and Structural Errors:

As essay writing can be exhausting, students often end up submitting the final draft without proofreading the paper. The elimination of this step results in the submission of an essay which is full of grammatical, human-made and structural errors. To avoid this mistake, students are required to read the final draft of the essay out loud to identify any errors in writing.

Use of American English:

In a British institution, using American English in essay writing can lead to the deduction of the grade. Students must carefully use accurate spellings and terminologies when writing an essay in the United Kingdom. To make this step easy, students can change the settings of their writing software program from American English to UK English.

Students commonly make the aforementioned errors. However, with the frequent practice of essay writing, these mistakes can be avoided.

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