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Lingering Feelings

Your essay is supposed to be precisely that; YOUR essay. It’s supposed to have your opinions, beliefs and personality laced throughout it. And nowhere should your character be more apparent than in the conclusion. Here are some suggestions for writing a conclusion that will wrap up your essay in mic drop fashion.

  • Circle Back

Your conclusion, while basically an opinion piece, is as much a part of the rest of the . Thus, it’s always a good idea to simply reference a point or phrase you made in the first couple of paragraphs. Simply reinstating will help you create a sense of closure.

  • Emphasis

Accentuate your essay’s key points one last time. Don’t overdo it; just one sentence that tries to capture your perspective is more than enough. It will leave the reader with a heightened realisation of what the message of the whole document was, and can serve to convince them. Referencing a relevant primary or secondary source that serves to put your point of view into context is a particularly great way of achieving this.

  • The Bigger Picture

The conclusion is also a good opportunity to demonstrate some of the wider implications of what you are saying. By putting it into a larger context, you’ll leave the floor open to the reader’s imagination.

Play around with these three tips and see which one sticks best to your essay’s style. If you feel like you cannot determine that on your own, then our friendly customer help representatives are merely a phone call away.

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